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Big Power and Performance

Class IV and Class V Komatsu forklifts have a long history of rigorous engineering with features designed to add cycles to every shift and reduce operating costs.

Komatsu LPG Forklift Enhanced Safety

Enhanced Safety

The Komatsu Operator Presence System (KOPS) Plus, standard with BX50 series, locks out lift, lower, tilt and travel functions when the operator leaves the seat for more than three seconds. The forks cannot lower while the key is in the off position enhancing safety.

Komatsu LPG Forklift High Efficiency


With a high-efficiency drivetrain and construction is behind the BX50’s full floating drive train. High torque delivered by powerful engines is channeled through a heat dissipating aluminum transmission case and a rugged dust- and leak-resistant, double-seal U-joint design.

Komatsu LPG Forklift Multiple Solutions

Multiple Solutions

The fully hydrostatic power steering (FHPS) system offers you easy steering even at slow speeds and is engineered to eliminate kickback. Further improving operator feel are a small-diameter steering wheel and optional spinner knob for one-handed control.

Komatsu LPG Forklift Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Designed to improve operator comfort and reduce fatigue, the Komatsu Komfort Zone is a dual floating structure: dampening mounts protect the frame from engine vibration; additional mounts isolate your operators from the frame. Sealed floorboard reduces engine noise and heat.

Komatsu LPG Forklift Angled Ports

Angeled Ports

Hot engine air, dust and exhaust can affect operators over time. The BX50 series’ angled exhaust ports in the counterweight aim exhaust away while traveling in reverse. Exhaust vents low on the counterweight point away from the ground and don’t stir up dust.

Komatsu LPG Forklift Excellent Sightliness

Excellent Sightliness

An unrestricted view of the fork tips and surroundings for the operator. The thoughtfully designed EZ view mast, console and low-profile dash provide outstanding forward visibility. Upper corners of the counterweight are angled for clear sightlines in reverse

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